Juan Pablo is a writer and interdisciplinary researcher whose work is set at the intersection of the humanities and social sciences. He earned a BA in Government and International Politics and an MA in English with a concentration in literature from George Mason University.


He is currently a doctoral candidate at the Program in Modern Thought and Literature at Stanford University. His dissertation traces the way the media of architecture, law and literature came together to form and provide the operative frameworks for public spaces and contexts of public interaction in modern Bogotá, Colombia. Broadly speaking, his research looks at the relation between aesthetics, design, infrastructure, urbanism and the formation of spaces and contexts of agency and interaction. He is interested in thinking about how different media, from administrative and technical to infrastructural and aesthetic, interact to produce a distribution of perception, agency and interaction, linking this study to some of the canonical theoretical questions about the possibility for experience and political alternatives under conditions of globalized techno-capitalism. Additionally, he tries to sort these questions out in the context of Latin America, where for instance differences in Western and non-Western understandings of territory or materiality, play out in the organization of the legal, technical and design codes that guide territorial logics and structure contexts of agency and collaboration. His work thus bridges canonical social and media theory with methodologies and concepts developed in fields such as science and technology studies, postcolonial and decolonial studies, critical race theory, and indigenous studies.




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