Juan Pablo is an interdisciplinary researcher whose work is set at the intersection of philosophy, social theory, literary theory, art history, and media theory. His work approaches the intersection of politics, media, and aesthetics from a transatlantic perspective and with an emphasis on urban spaces and cultures in Latin America. He earned a BA in Government and International Politics and an MA in English with a concentration in literature from George Mason University. 

He is currently a doctoral candidate at the Program in Modern Thought and Literature at Stanford University. His dissertation, “From Lettered City to Smart City: Transforming Cultural Agency and Territory in Bogotá, Colombia,” looks at the way public modes of action and expression in the city of Bogotá were defined at the intersection of cultural and artistic practices and technocratic and urban planning projects.

Juan Pablo's research pays attention to the way cultural and artistic practices enter the public sphere, marking understandings of how and why things are done, who should act and speak, and what actions and passions are worthy of public enactment, and to the way media, technologies, and administrative systems frame and coordinate the actions and expressions of real people in the world. 

Juan Pablo is also the co-host of the Pan-Optic podcast with his friend, Jason Margaritis, a podcast which relates theories of communication, power, and technology to practical and institutional issues and everyday life. 




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