Welcome to my site! I am a scholar, researcher, and teacher whose work is set at the intersection of critical theory, political philosophy, cultural studies, and media theory. My work approaches the intersection of art, culture, and politics in Latin America from an interdisciplinary and transatlantic perspective. Before coming to Stanford to work on a Ph.D. in Modern Thought and Literature, I earned a BA in Government and International Politics and an MA in English with a concentration in literature from George Mason University. 

My dissertation looks at the intersection of art and politics in modern Colombia. This study tracks the constructive process whereby cultural elites and subalterns in Colombia reworked the foundational relation between cultural models of civilization, practical morality, and aesthetic judgment at the basis of the Western conception of the political.

My future research will focus on studying reconfigurations of notions of autonomy, justice, and soveriengty related to territory and environment in Latin America. And in particular, to the way Afrodescendant and Indigenous cultural frameworks of rights and duties are being incorporated into legal frameworks in Latin America, reframing in the process the liberal democratic paradigm of the political.

Originally from the city of Bogotá, where I lived as a child, I grew up in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. I lived in the DC Metro Area most of my life apart from brief stints in Madrid and Berlin, before moving to California to start my Ph.D.