English Composition I

ENG 1101. Sinclair Community College

Fall 2019.

Juan Pablo Melo



Week 1

August 27 
1.    Introduction
2.    Syllabus
3.    Topic of Study
4.    What is writing?

August 29
1.    Reading: 
a.    Steering the Craft: Punctuation and Grammar and Sentence Length and Complex Syntax (pg. 11 – 35)


Week 2

September 3

Reading: David Foster Wallace. “Tennis, Trigonometry, Tornadoes” https://harpers.org/archive/1991/12/tennis-trigonometry-tornadoes/

September 5


Reading: Ta-Nehisi Coates. “I’m Not Black, I’m Kanye.” https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2018/05/im-not-black-im-kanye/559763/?src=longreads

Week 3 (Essay draft due on Sept 9 by midnight)

September 10
1.    Reading: Jo Ann Beard. “The Fourth State of Matter."

September 12
1.    Peer Review + Writing Workshop I

Week 4: 

September 17
1.    Reading: Baldwin. "Notes of a Native Son."

September 19
1.    In class writing exercises.

Week 5 (Essay draft due on Sept 23 by midnight)

September 24
1.    No Reading, focus on your draft, due by Monday, Sept 23.

September 26
1.    Peer Review + Writing Workshop II

Week 6

October 1
1.    Reading: "We are all Flint." Catherine Fennell. https://limn.it/articles/are-we-all-flint/

October 3
1.    No Class


Week 7 (Unit I Essay due October 11 by midnight)

October 8
1.    Reading: https://reallifemag.com/networked-dream-worlds/

October 10
1.    Reading: https://limn.it/articles/golden-futures/?fbclid=IwAR3c5rbCy7TgsQcORIMJZYpV3yVaaRRXVI-C6sNjPWwT6ZHbxL7PKrhQrgc

2.   Writing assignment: write an abstract for the piece we read from October 8 or October 10.

Week 8 

October 15

1.    Reading: https://thetyee.ca/Solutions/2018/06/06/Vienna-Housing-Affordability-Case-Cracked/

2..    Reading: https://www.dissentmagazine.org/online_articles/case-for-public-housing-vienna-chicago

3.    Writing Assignment: Find an deductie, inductive, or abductive argument being made in one of these pieces. Is the argument based on truth, rightness, or truthfulness propositions? A mix of them? Is the information relied upon solid? What are the weaknesses of the argument?  

October 17
1.    Reading: https://theintercept.com/2018/12/05/green-new-deal-proposal-impacts/

2.    Reading: https://newrepublic.com/article/153966/fear-loathing-green-new-deal

Week 9 (Abstract due Oct 28 by midnight)

October 22

1.    Writing assignment: take one article from October 15, and one from October 17. Outline the primary arguments in each article. Identify the thesis, the main propositions that make up the argument, and the conclusion. What kind of propositions make up the argument? Are they truth, rightness, or truthfulness propositions? Label them. Is the primary argument deductive or inductive? Do the propositions link up logically and do they add up to the conclusion? What weaknesses can you identify in the argument? Outline a counter-argument that undermines one of the propositions or arguments from these pieces.  

October 24

1.    Reading: http://www.lapsuslima.com/minimal-maintenance/

Week 10 

October 29
1.    Reading: https://anatomyof.ai/?fbclid=IwAR1EIwsnK-zk_aZYm_sDijdmM3DXQpjRrUKDZSMPSVQ08vxsVFRxqbt_lyY

2.   Writing assignment, due at the beginning of class: summarize this piece. What is the problem it deals with? What thesis does it propose? What are its main arguments and examples? What are its conclusions? List three types of sources it is using to make its argument. Use parphrasing, quotation, and block quotes to complete your summary.

October 31
1.   Reading:

Week 11: 

November 5
1.    Reading:

November 7
1.    Reading:

Week 12 

November 12
1.    No class: 

November 14
1.    No class

Week 13 (Essay draft due by November 18 by midnight)

November 19
1.    Reading

November 21
1.    Review + Writing Workshop

Week 14

November 26
1.    Reading: 

November 28: Holiday, no class

Week 15: (Essay draft due by Dec. 2 by midnight).

December 3
1.    Reading

December 5
1.    Review + Writing Workshop


December 10
1.    Writing Workshop 

December 12
1.    Writing Workshop and Wrap Up (Final Paper due Dec. 15)